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As a foreigner living in Korea

it's really difficult, and we want to help!

We were a foreigner like you. Having problem to do online shopping, unable to order food, etc. In Korea, most of the things require a korean domestic bank and mobile number and even ARC which many of you does not have. At Shop in Korea, we will be able to help you.

Quick Processing Time

Our quickest turn around is within 30 mins for food order.

Pay securely via PayPal

We accept payment in USD to ease transaction.

English Communication

English WhatsApp and Kakao Talk service available (24/7).

Quick delivery to your doorsteps

Quick delivery service guarenteed.

Reorder quickly and easily

Check your order history and repeat order easily!

No account required

We help you process your order quickly without requiring an account.

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Customers Love Us

Over 1,000 Reviews

  • “Shop in Korea team is really kind. They attend to all my needs and help with everything I need to get my parcel safely delivered.”
    Mary L.
    Mary L.
    / Seoul
  • “A superior method to order things online. Been using Shop in Korea for over a month now, and it's really awesome!”
  • “Extremely quick turnaround. Ordered a phone case and it was delivered the next day. I will strongly recommend Shop in Korea!”
    Dean D.
    Dean D.
    / Busan
  • “Just enter Korea and has lots of issue with ordering food and products. Shop in Korea really make my life easier.”
    Chris M.
    Chris M.
    / Ansan

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